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Summer 2023

The annual 2023 Great Tomato Plant Sale (GTPS) was very successful!

Since Covid, this year's GTPS was our first 'in-person-only' event and extending it to three days worked out well. Many shoppers opted to avoid the long lines of opening day and made the decision to shop on Sunday or Monday. Fortunately, we still had a great selection of plants. There was a steady stream of customers every day but with many plants left at Our Garden, we decided to hold a second Saturday sale, with an equally strong  turnout. You folks of Contra Costa County really showed up for us on all four days and we appreciate it!

Holding a sale in Richmond for the first time since 2019 was a smashing success for West County! It turned out to be such a gorgeous day, and it was so heartwarming to hear how thrilled customers were to have the event back in their area.

On the propagation side, this year was the most challenging we’ve had yet. We had an amazing amount of rain, which we welcomed, but it meant that the skies were continually gray depriving our plants of the sunshine they needed to grow. Also, the unusually cool temperatures kept plants small and shivering in their pots. Everyone’s plants, including those at Our Garden, have been growing slower than normal. But as temperatures have come up in the past few weeks, we are seeing lots of new growth. We hope you are observing the same thing, and may your plants grow soon as vigorous as ever!

Thank you, Contra Costa County residents. We are very grateful for your support!