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Growing Gardeners

About the Growing Gardeners Program

The Growing Gardeners Program provides garden education on topics of interest to gardeners in Contra Costa County.  The Program offers in-depth learning opportunities without the extended hours required to earn UC Master Gardener Certification and without the volunteer requirement. 

Each course within the Growing Gardeners Program includes 12 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction spread out over four class sessions.

Upon completing all 12 hours of instruction in a course, participants will become UC-Certified Growing Gardeners.

Our first course offering, Vegetable Gardening, is described below.  It is designed for beginning gardeners.  

Check out our schedule at right for upcoming learning opportunities and registration links.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old and a Contra Costa County resident to participate.

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Vegetable Gardening Course

The Growing Gardeners Vegetable Gardening course teaches the basic principles of gardening, and includes a lesson highlighting how to grow vegetables for home consumption.  Topics include:

  • Soil and Water Management
  • Compost, Mulch & Fertilizer
  • Practical Botany & Useful Tools
  • How to Grow Vegetables
  • How to Attract Pollinators
  • Integrated Pest Management

We are currently offering Vegetable Gardening two to three times each year throughout Contra Costa County.  Please see above for scheduled instances of this course.

Can't attend classes?

Even if you can't participate in our classes, it's easy to start a vegetable garden at home. Download a copy of the Vegetable Gardening Handbook for Beginners and take a look at our helpful gardening articles under Sustainable Gardening and Edible Gardening.


Contact us at mgcc.growinggardeners@gmail.com.