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The Latest Dirt - Nov 2022

Speakers Bureau Webinars are Hits!

By Gail Burt

When the Speakers Bureau Speaks, People Listen! Here is what our audience is saying in return…

“Beginning gardener here; thanks so much for all this amazing information.”

“Great job all! Amazingly knowledgeable speakers!”

“This has been an exceptionally informative, practical, and helpful seminar. Much info was covered in a short time period. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you all for a great, interesting and inspiring presentation!”

Oh, we get the occasional stump the speaker question from someone signed in as Anonymous Attendee, but really, can you feel the love?

Photo by Monika Witte
Photo by Monika Witte

As we turn the calendar page, hours of daily sunlight are diminishing, temperatures are getting cooler, and hopefully rain will soon grace us. November also marks the last Speakers Bureau webinar session for this year. And what a year we had!! Between live attendance and subsequent views of the recorded presentations available on CoCoMG’s and Contra Costa County Library’s YouTube channels, we reached nearly 16,000 people this year. This does not yet include participation in the upcoming Houseplants session on November 15th, which is sure to be popular as gardeners prepare to spend more time indoors in the coming months.

I would like to acknowledge and extend a big THANK YOU to the Speakers Bureau crew who create and deliver such high-quality presentations. These webinars are a great success due to our team of excellent speakers, webinar coordinators, marketing coordinators, presentation developers, and dozens of Q&A panelists who generously volunteer time and share their expertise. They truly deliver the UC Master Gardener mission: To extend research-based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management & sustainable landscaping practices to the residents of Contra Costa County.

Stay tuned for the great line-up we are preparing for 2023.