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The Latest Dirt - Sept 2022

More Than Plants, A Garden Is…

By Karen Maggio, Community Garden Lead

Photo by Karen Maggio. Recycled cement laundry sinks
Photo by Karen Maggio. Recycled cement laundry sinks

A garden is certainly about plants, but it’s so much more. A garden is creativity, beauty, sanctuary, community and unique. Having had the pleasure of touring our many community gardens and urban farms this past year, one thing stands out. Gardens are personal, an individual expression of one’s self and, sometimes, a community collaboration.

No two gardens are the same, and to prove this point, we are currently assembling a slide show to honor those differences for our “in-person” community garden gathering on September 29. If all goes well, this will become a video on the UC Master Gardener Community Gardens webpage. Just to share a few highlights, take a peek at creative ways to reuse (cement laundry sinks and wheelbarrows), involve kids (bean teepee), provide inspiration (a Japanese-inspired bamboo structure), and adapt to climate change (terra cotta ollas). Garden on!