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Summer 2023

Summer Tasks in the Garden

Summer Tasks - Courtesy kelly-neil-unsplash_sm
Summer Tasks - Courtesy kelly-neil-unsplash_sm
Let's not forget to take care of our gardens this summer in addition to all the fun activities we have planned, especially when temperatures are rising and our priceless landscape begins to get thirsty.

We want to see everything flourish and need to be aware of potential issues as soon as they appear.

  • Here is your Summer Checklist for your garden and landscape, including how to monitor pests and diseases (IPM).
  • In this issue we also focused on Climate Change: Too much water, too little water, and the threat of wildfires. Lori Palmquist recently presented a wonderful webinar on this topic including a list that  checks off all the boxes!
  • You are probably well on your way to successfully grow all the wonderful plants you've purchased at our Grand Tomato and Plant Sale (GTPS) and are looking forward to a great harvest. Here are a few bonus articles that might be of interest to you:
  • Got some time to spare? Our summer Garden Talks every Wednesday at 'Our Garden' in Walnut Creek are ongoing until November as well as our webinars (on Zoom) once a month in collaboration with the Contra Costa Library.
  • Got more time to spare? Join our Growing Gardeners Course with in-depth information on how to start and maintain a vegetable garden.
  • A bigger commitment - but just as exciting is 'becoming a Master Gardener' yourself! Visit our Volunteer Training web page for more information.
  • You can find a lot more information by visiting our website.

Have a wonderful Summer!

"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling" 
- Shanti