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Fall 2022

Fall School Gardens Newsletter

Fall 2022 School Gardens - Courtesy Soubarna Mishra
Fall 2022 School Gardens - Courtesy Soubarna Mishra
by Soubarna Mishra

Schools have reopened from their summer breaks and school activities are already in full swing. The school gardens are drawing their fair bit of attention from the school communities. Outdoor learning spaces with nature exploration areas have become a priority project for many schools. School communities feel the need to connect children to plants, their food source, and wildlife habitats in a garden.
This fall issue provides you with resources to prepare you for the new school year with a Back-to-School Garden Readiness Checklist, a Fall Planting Guide, a school garden irrigation activity, using “Olla” pots, tips on conserving water with mulch, using compost, and a story about a fun filled seminar at Jack London Elementary school in Antioch.
So let’s get the school gardens ready for the new school year.

Courtesy Soubarna Mishra
Courtesy Soubarna Mishra
Here are a few resources to help you with your school gardens this fall:

School garden success stories and activities:

UC Master Gardener, School Gardens Co-leads, Kate, Pam and Soubarna.
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Kate Verhoef, Pam Austin, and Soubarna Mishra are UC Master Gardener of Contra Costa County
Photo credits: Soubarna Mishra