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Summer 2022

Summer Tasks and Wildfire Preparedness


Wildfire will always be a part of our California landscape. The good news is that wise decisions regarding material choices, design, and installation options, as well as maintenance considerations, can improve the odds that your home will survive during a wildfire.

Here are some great resources to get a better understanding of how wildfires spread and how your home could ignite due to direct flame,  embers, or radiant heat exposure.

To reduce vulnerability of your landscape to wildfire, the careful selection and placement of plants are key components of firescaping. The most important component however is proper maintenance of your landscape, especially around your home.

"We envision a resilient future where each of us is adapting to the needs of our changing climate and preparing for future fires, while ensuring optimal support for biodiversity and our environment." 

Resources: UC ANR and UCMG of Sonoma County