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Spring 2022

Thank You Note From Mission to Mars Class


from Megan Leich, Computational Thinking and Computer Science Teacher at The Athenian School

“Hello Master Gardeners,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge yesterday! Your presentations, answers to questions, and informal discussions all had a big impact on our group. The students created this thank you note for you this morning. It’s important to note that the design and content are 100% their own. They worked together to imagine, sketch on the whiteboard and then finally create this. (There were many votes – from design to the different colors!) The only input we had as their teachers was to offer a variety of materials. I hope you can see that each of you left a positive impression on them and taught them something. As they worked on this, they kept bringing up different parts of the visit and discussing what they remembered.

From a teacher’s standpoint, the visit was more than I could have hoped – and especially on such short notice. They learned
about far more than compost, and have a new appreciation for plants, compost, gardens, and some additional complexities of space travel. It far exceeded what we had hoped to get out of the original field trip to Republic Services, too. Thank you all so much for your generosity, enthusiasm, and patience!

With gratitude,

Megan Leich"
Artwork is courtesy of Megan Leich and her students