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Summer 2022

School Gardens Newsletter

Summer is right around the corner, and the school garden communities are coming up with plans to manage their gardens during the summer break. There is still time for some last minute planting, to get those delicious veggies growing all through summer. Just remember to add one inch layer of compost, or high quality organic material to the bed before planting. Make arrangements for someone to regularly monitor irrigation, crop damage and harvesting, during school break.

This summer issue provides you with the UC ANR summer garden checklist, few tips on water conservation, and advice on controlling plant pests and diseases. It also includes a success story of how third graders in Tice Creek Elementary school accomplished their vision of creating a new school garden.

photos by Soubarna M.
photos by Soubarna M.
So let’s get our hands dirty to make some plants happy.

Soubarna Mishra, editor
Co-lead, UC Master Gardener, School Gardens Program

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A special note of thanks to the hard-working UC Master Gardeners of Contra Costa County who managed this year's Great Tomato Plant Sale. Thanks to your generous donation of vegetable plants, eight schools got over 150 seedlings to grow in their gardens.

UC Master Gardener, School Gardens Co-leads, Kate, Pam and Soubarna.
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