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Note: Assume all varieties will be available at all three sale locations unless otherwise noted.


Description Photo

Belle of the Ball Slicer / Red / 6-8 ounces / 70 days / Hybrid / Determinate

NEW FOR 2024! This hybrid was bred from parents that originated in France over 100 years ago! A determinate known for a high yield of uniform, slightly flat, round fruits. Juicy and flavorful, it has the perfect balance of acid and sweetness. Try both fresh and cooked. Small Space/Container Friendly. *Photo courtesy of Totally Tomatoes

Tomato_Slicer_Belle of the Ball_Totally Tomatoes-150

Black Prince Slicer / Orange-brown / 7 ounces / 75 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate.

A garden jewel all the way from Siberia! Unusual brown shoulders blend to orange-red at the blossom end. This 7 ounce slicing tomato makes a beautiful table presentation and has a rich, fruity flavor.

Tomato_Slicer_Black Prince_UCMG of CCC_sm96

Black Sea Man Slicer / Deep red-brown / 8-12 ounces / 75 days / Open Pollinated / Determinate.

A hardy Russian heirloom that produces early and does well in containers. With attractive marbled flesh and a rich flavor, this potato-leafed variety is hard to beat! (“The mahogany brown medium sized fruit has a delicious sweet-tart, complex tomato flavor. It has a combination of red, pink, green, and mahogany flesh, yielding the most unusual & beautiful tomato when sliced. A smallish plant, but a very good producer.”) Small space / Container friendly. Available in Walnut Creek and Richmond only. *Photo courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange

Black Sea Man_Seed Savers_2021-150

Bloody Butcher Slicer / Deep red / 4 ounces / 55 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate.

The name alone should make it a favorite! It’s a sensational, multi-purpose slicing tomato, with an unbeatable combination—very early and high-yielding. Strong tomato flavor in medium, 4 ounce fruits that are—you guessed it—deep, dark red inside and out. Also likes West County’s cooler climes. ("What a steady producer! Wonderful tangy taste.”) Available in Walnut Creek and Richmond only. *Photo courtesy of tomatofest.com

Bloody Butcher_Tomato Fest_2021-150

Carmello Slicer / Red / 10-12 ounces / 75 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate

NEW FOR 2024! This one has a deservedly great reputation both in America and Europe due to its wonderful flavor, perfect sugar/acid balance, and crack-resistant skin. Bright red juicy tomatoes are 10 to 12 ozs. with a beautiful round shape. Expect very high yields on disease-resistant plants.

Tomato_Slicer_Carmello_Territorial Seed Company-150

Celebrity Plus Slicer / Red / 7-9 ounces / 78 days / Hybrid / Determinate

NEW FOR 2024! This vigorous determinate has everything you love about the original Celebrity, now with enhanced disease resistance. The fruits average 7–9 oz. with more uniform shoulder ripening and better crack tolerance. Small Space/Container Friendly *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Tomato_Slicer_Celebrity Plus_Johnnys Selected Seeds_johnnyseeds_com-150

Early Girl Slicer / Red / 4-6 ounces / 57 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate.

By popular demand, we are now offering this hard-to-beat, famous tomato. Vigorous, disease-resistant plants start early and bear dependably all season long, yielding 4 to 6-ounce, bright crimson fruits with a tangy flavor.

Tomato_Slicer_Early Girl_MGFT-150

Eva Purple Ball Slicer / Red / 4-5 ounces / 75 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate.

German heirloom bearing smooth, round 4-5 ounce blemish-free fruits with cherry red flesh. Has very good flavor and excellent resistance to diseases, including late blight. Does well in cooler areas. (“NOT purple, but a nice bright red. Often overlooked, which is a shame! A terrific producer! Good-sized plant doled out medium to largish tomatoes with pointed ends. Very good taste. Great for those who want their stuffed tomatoes EXACTLY the same size.”) Available in Richmond and Antioch only. MG Seed Stock.

Tomato_Slicer_Eva Purple Ball_pixabay.com-150

Green Zebra Slicer / Green / 3-5 ounces / 80 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate.

Ravishing, deep green, 3-5 ounce zebra-striped tomato. Sweet, zingy flavor. Very productive plants. Favored by chefs like Alice Waters and found at specialty and farmers markets. (“One of my favorite tomatoes and grew well in my Richmond garden. Flesh is bright, psychedelic green, and the taste is both sharp and sweet at the same time.”) 

Tomato_Slicer_Green Zebra_UCMG of CCC-150

Health Kick Slicer / Red / 4-6 ounces / 74 days / Hybrid / Determinate

An even healthier tomato?? The growers of this variety say that these fruits have 50% more lycopene than other common tomatoes. But besides being good for you, these 4-6 ounce fruits have an excellent taste. Vines are resistant to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and bacterial speck. Small Space/Container Friendly
Available in Antioch only

Tomato_Slicer_Health Kick_pexels.com-150

Legend Slicer / Red / 12-16 ounces / 68 days / Open Pollinated / Determinate.

One of the earliest-maturing slicer tomatoes, 5-8 inch, with a sweet flavor and just a little acid to add zing. Developed at Oregon State University, Legend shows strong tolerance to blight strains which makes it particularly well-adapted to West County’s cooler climes. Great taste, early, and disease-resistant—an unbeatable combination! (“This is an early producer and produced longer than any other variety in my garden the last two years. Plants are loaded with beautiful, red slicers.”)  Small space / Container friendly. 

Tomato_Slicer_Legend_UCMG of CCC_sm96

Momotaro Slicer / Pink / 6-7 ounces / 70 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate.

The most popular tomato in Japan and named after a hero—“Peach Boy”—in Japanese folklore, it has an unsurpassed taste that is sweet and intensely rich with just the right amount of acid to make it tangy at the same time. Radiant, dark pink, perfectly round globes weigh up to 6-7 ounces. Heat tolerant and crack resistant. (“This grew so well in my West County garden. Enough tomatoes to give friends and family.”) Available in Walnut Creek and Richmond only

Tomato_Slicer_Momotaro_UCMG of CCC_sm

Moskvich  Slicer / Red / 4-6 ounces / 60 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. 

One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes. 4-6 oz. fruits are early, deep red, and cold tolerant. These rich flavored tomatoes are smooth and globe-shaped. Available in Richmond only.  *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Tomato_Slicer_Moskvich_Johnny's Selected Seeds, johnnyseeds.com (1)_sm96

New Girl Slicer / Red / 4-6 ounces /62 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate.

Even more disease resistant than Early Girl! These 4-6 ounce fruits also have a better flavor.  Fast-growing, and ideally suited for cooler climates. They can be planted early, and ripe fruits hold well on the vine.

Tomato_Slicer_New Girl_UCMG of CCC_sm96

Oregon Spring Slicer / Red / 6-7 ounces / 60 days / Hybrid / Determinate. 

Developed by OSU and famous for its cold tolerance and early production, compact plants produce 6-7 ounce, nearly seedless fruits. Flavorful and meaty! ("A wonderful tomato for West County. Even though it's a determinate, it produced lots of tomatoes over the entire summer.") Small space / Container friendly. Available in Richmond only. *Photo courtesy of Territorial Seed Company

Tomato_Slicer_Oregon Spring_Territorial Seed Company (1)_sm96

Patio Slicer / Red / 3-4 ounces / 70 days / Hybrid / Determinate.

Popular? You bet! Compact 2 foot plants with beautiful rugose leaves are perfect for a large container. May produce up to 50 (!) 3-4 ounce fruits in an 8-week harvest season. Good flavor. Available in Walnut Creek and Richmond only. Small space / Container friendly. 


Precious Pink Slicer / Pink / 6-8 ounces / 72 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate

NEW FOR 2024! With old fashioned flavor and juicy flesh plus a high yield, what's not to love? Think PINK with this vigorous indeterminate vine!

Tomato_Slicer_Precious Pink_freeimages.com-150

Sioux Slicer / Red / 6 ounces / 70 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate

NEW FOR 2024! A 1944 heirloom variety that's worth planting today because of its incredible flavor and reliably large harvests even in hot weather. This unassuming red tomato is sweet yet tangy and full of those rich, complex flavors that make a delicious tomato memorable. Available in Walnut Creek and Antioch only. 


Stupice Slicer / Red / 3-4 ounces / 55-75 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate.

Originally from the former Czechoslovakia. Forms a compact plant with potato leaf-like foliage. One of the best early tomatoes with good yields. Very cold-tolerant, it bears until frost! With good disease and drought resistance, what else could you want? Oh yes, 3-4 ounce delicious fruits in clusters. (“I chose this tomato in particular to honor my paternal grandparents, both immigrants from Czechoslovakia, who passed through Ellis Island on their journey to the United States. Stupice fared well under widely fluctuating temperatures in Orinda all summer long with high yield. Naturally salty and very tasty!”) *Photo courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange

Tomato_Slicer_Stupice_Seed Savers Exchange-150

Super Bush Slicer / Red / 5-6 ounces / 75 days / Hybrid / Determinate.

2-3 foot plants are perfect for large containers and produce an abundance of juicy fruits with sweet, tomatoey flavor. These tough and disease-resistant plants are bushy, which helps protect tomatoes from sun scald. Small space / Container friendly. Available in Walnut Creek and Richmond only. *Photo courtesy of reneesgarden.com

Tomato_Slicer_Super Bush_reneesgarden-150

Tasti Lee Slicer / Red / 6-9 ounces / 75 days / Hybrid / Determinate.

These determinate plants produce abundant crops of slightly flattened fruits that maintain excellent eating quality long after picking. The bushy plants provide shade to ripening fruit, protecting developing tomatoes from sunscald. Highly resistant to both Fusarium Wilt and Verticillium Wilt, it is a standout performer. The perfect balance of sweetness and acidity makes this tomato a favorite of those who love the classic red tomato. Small space / Container friendly. Available in Walnut Creek and Richmond only. *Photo courtesy of High Mowing Organic Seeds

Tomato_Slicer_Tasti Lee F1_High Mowing Organic Seeds (1)_sm96

Download Shopping lists (PDF files that can be printed)

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