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Edible Gardening

This section provides useful tips on growing your own fruits and vegetables right here in Contra Costa. See our pages Vegetables for Contra Costa and Fruits for Contra Costa for various guides and articles on growing your own fruits and vegetables.  And, visit our Sustainable Gardening page for several articles about the foundations of your garden: soil, compost, mulch, and water.

We receive many questions about drought.  Since repeated drought cycles are common in California, some articles are below that you may find helpful, with other articles located on our Contra Costa Drought Tips page.

Your Food Garden During Drought
Dry Farming Tomatoes
Tomatoes & Drought in Contra Costa

Here are a few articles that address edible gardening questions we receive often. 

Deciduous Fruit Tree Chilling Hours
Local Frost Dates for Garden Planning
Soil Testing Labs
Water Testing Labs for Home Gardeners

Find out more about the UC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa County and the educational and community outreach services we provide by visiting the top navigation links on this web site.