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Community Gardens Services

We provide a variety of advisory and consulting services to local community gardens.  Depending on your needs, we can...

  • Help you organize:
    • Connection with agencies and sponsors if a site does not yet exist
    • Sample structures for governing
  • Evaluate site conditions:
    • Soil testing
    • Water availability
    • Sun exposure
    • Security
  • Direct the preparation of:
    • Layout of garden beds
    • Irrigation that maximizes water conservation
    • Composting area
  • Oversee the implementation of:
    • Healthy soil practices
    • Plant selection
    • Seedling production
    • IPM methodology
    • Seed saving
    • Composting
    • Sharing excess food
  • Provide ongoing support:
    • Periodic site visits
    • Help Desk questions
    • Speakers' calendar and subject matter
    • Visit Our Garden to see implementation
    • Participation in food donation, if applicable

Photographer: Rodney Kline
Photographer: Rodney Kline