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2023 Tomatoes - Cherry and Paste


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Cherry Tomatoes

Description Photo

Baby Boomer Cherry / 1 ounce / 55 days / Hybrid / Determinate. An early, big harvest from a plant that can be grown in a container! Just like boomers, they are plentiful—as many as 300 fruits/plant! One-inch cherries have a great flavor on a strong, disease-resistant plant. Small space / Container friendly.

Baby Boomer_pexels.com_2021-150

Beam's Yellow Pear Cherry / Yellow / 1 ounce / 71 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. NEW FOR 2023! Expect huge, bushy plants that produce large quantities of 1 oz., 1 1/2-inch, bright yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes that will give you fruit until frost. Reported to be zesty, sweet and delicious. A beautiful salad or snacking tomato which even produces well in cooler coastal regions. *Photo courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange

Tomato_Cherry_Beam's Yellow Pear_Seed Savers Exchange_sm96

Black Cherry Cherry / Deep Purple-brown / 1 to 2 ounces / 75 days / Open Pollinated / IndeterminateVigorous plants with large vines that yield very well and produce dusky purple-brown grape-like 1” tomatoes with a rich, complex flavor. (“My absolute favorite—the best dark cherry tomato.”) Available in Walnut Creek only. *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Black Cherry_Johnny's_2021-150

Cherry Bomb Cherry / Red / 1/2 to 3/4 ounce / 70 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. How can you resist a tomato with a name like this? We couldn’t! Add to that, it’s recommended for your Bloody Mary and its strong meaty walls are perfect for filling with cream cheese. Yum! But, equally important, it’s also blight resistant. Vigorous plants produce lots of uniform cherries. Sweet cherry tomato flavor. Plant by the end of April and serve on the 4th of July.

Tomato_Cherry_Cherry Bomb_MGFT_150

Glitter Cherry / Orange / 1 ounce / 70 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. NEW FOR 2023! Attractive trusses cascade from the plant and the vigorous indeterminate vines boast excellent productivity. This grape tomato has a natural sweetness that's at the top end of grape and cherry tomatoes. Irresistible for munching in the garden! The vines reach 5 to 6 feet and require staking.


Gold Nugget Cherry / Deep Yellow / ½ to ¾ ounce / 56 days / Open Pollinated / Determinate. Here’s another wonderful tomato developed by Dr. Jim Baggett at Oregon State University. Vigorous plants are loaded with ¾” round golden fruits from early season ‘til frost. Unusually rich, sweet flavor when mature. Small space / Container friendly.

Tomato_Cherry_Gold Nugget_MGFT_150

Jasper Cherry / Red / ¼ to ? ounce / 60 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. An AAS winner! Vigorous, healthy plants bear trusses of small red cherries with a rich, sweet flavor. Great for snacking in the garden. Disease and crack resistant. (“Wow! I planted it May 1 and since July, we have been eating them for over eight weeks—absolutely delicious and oh-so-prolific—and there are still blossoms on the vines! It is my favorite candy treat when working in the garden. Given a little structural help, this tomato could easily be 10 feet tall, and 6-8 feet across!”) Available in Walnut Creek only. *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com


Large Red Cherry Cherry / Red / 1 ounce / 75 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. Now that’s a straight-forward name for a 1 ½ to 2 inch heirloom cherry! These full-season, highly productive plants bear clusters of richly flavored, down-home red cherries that are great in salads. Also can be picked green for pickling!

Tomato_Cherry_Large Red Cherry_pixabay.com-150

Lizzano Cherry / Red / To ½ ounce / 63 days / Hybrid / Semi-determinate. An AAS winner! Ideal for baskets, containers and small gardens, this cherry has a non-stop harvest of small 1” fruits, perfect for snacks, and salads. 16-20 inch plants are blight-resistant which lets them produce oodles of cherries to the very end of the season. (“My favorite cherry! Thin-skinned and tender with a sweet, mild flavor and no bitterness. It was prolific in an 18” pot. Just delicious!”) Small space / Container friendly. *Photo courtesy of Territorial Seed Company

Tomato_Cherry_Lizzano_Territorial Seed Company-150

Orange Paruche Cherry / Orange / To ½ ounce / 67 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. Early, early, early! And you’ll know exactly when it’s ripe, because it glows a brilliant, neon orange. One inch round fruits are thin-skinned and crack-and-disease-resistant with a superb flavor. Word has it that it tastes better than Sungold. Buy both and run your own backyard taste test!

Tomato_Cherry_Orange Paruche_MGFT-150

Pink Tiger Cherry /Pink multi / 1 ounce / 70 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. Elongated pink tomato with yellow-orange striping. Excellent balanced sweet and acidic flavor. Pretty dark pink tomatoes with contrasting lighter striping are great in mixes with the other artisan varieties. 1 ounce fruits. Available in Walnut Creek only*Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Tomato_Cherry_Pink Tiger_Johnny's Selected Seeds, Johnnyseeds.com-150

Rapunzel  Cherry / Red / To 1 ounce / 70 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. "Rapunzel, let down your beautiful tresses." This tomato produces 40 (!) small, bright red cherry tomatoes on long, cascading trusses. So sweet they won’t even make it to your salad bowl without some self-discipline.


Sun Sugar Cherry / Orange / ½ ounce / 62 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. Very sweet, fruity-tasting orange cherry tomatoes in long clusters on vigorous plants. Very crack resistant. Taste is so delightful, they may not make it into the kitchen from the garden. But what is lovelier than a sun-warmed tomato popped directly in your mouth? (“Produced the most heavenly, sweet, little orange tomatoes I've ever tasted. Hands down, the sweetest, nicest, most productive cherry tomato out there!”)

Tomato_Cherry_Sun Sugar_MGBM-150

Sungold Cherry / Orange / 1 ounce / 65 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. A positively luscious bite-size cherry that isn’t fully mature until it turns bright apricot-orange with an intensified taste. Tiny globes along 15” fruit trusses on a vigorous vine. Flavor is fruity and tropical. Tendency to crack means you won’t find it in the markets, so you’ll just have to grow it yourself and eat it like a snack! *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Sun Gold_Johnny's_2021-150

Super Sweet 100 Cherry / Red / To ½ ounce / 65 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. This popular, reliable variety has long fruiting stems that produce 100 or more super-sweet, 1 inch diameter cherry tomatoes. Plants bear fruits throughout the season. Requires staking. Extra-high in Vitamin C.

Tomato_Cherry_Super Sweet 100_MGBY-150

Sweet Aperitif Cherry / Red / To ½ ounce / 80 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. How could we not include this cherry when we read the customer reviews of this British-bred new tomato? They’re simply off-the-charts! Vigorous plants offer non-stop production of thin-skinned, but crack-resistant, dime-sized fruits. But like a fine aperitif, its flavor is balanced, yet complex—delicious, refreshing and tangy. A diminutive delight!

Tomato_Cherry_Sweet Aperitif_pexels.com-150

Sweet Gold Cherry / Yellow-Gold / To ½ ounce / 60 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. Abundant clusters of bright yellow-gold cherry tomatoes on vigorous vines. Delicious flavor that is naturally sweeter than red cherries. Once you’ve tasted them, you’ll be spoiled forever.*Photo courtesy of SchoolPhotoProject.com

Sweet Gold_schoolphotoproject.com_2021-150

Sweetie Cherry / Red / ½ to 1 ounce / 70 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. A super sweet red cherry tomato with high sugar content for eating right off the vine!  These bite-sized tomatoes are perfect for salads. Vigorous, highly productive vines will continue to produce through late autumn.*Photo courtesy of Sustainable Seed Company

Sweetie_Sustainable Seed Co_2021-150

Washington Cherry Cherry / Deep red / ¾ to 1 ounce / 60 days / Open Pollinated / Determinate. Developed by Washington State U., here’s an early bird that is prolific and grows well in varying climates. Deep red, meaty, thick-walled and flavorful—all on a compact vine. Crack resistant and keeps well on and off the vine. Small space / Container friendly. *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Washington Cherry_Johnny's_2021-150



Description Photo
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Paste Tomatoes

Description Photo

Big Mama Paste / Red / 8-10 ounces / 80 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate. Produces heavy yields of flavor-packed 5 inch long paste tomatoes that are meaty, easy to peel and have very few seeds. That makes them perfect for sauces, soups and salsa. Mama mia!! Available in Walnut Creek only.

Big Mama_stocksnap.io_2021-150

Granadero Paste /Red / 4-5 ounces / 75 days / Hybrid / Indeterminate NEW FOR 2023! A highly prolific plum, Granadero produces attractive, bright red, 4-5 oz. tomatoes with very good flavor. These thick-walled fruits are ideal for fresh tomato sauces, salsas, and salads. With a broad disease resistance package, Granadero stays healthy even under heavy disease pressure. It also has low susceptibility to blossom end rot. *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Tomato_Paste_Granadero_Johnny's Selected Seeds, johnnyseeds.com_sm96

Italian Roma Bush Paste / Red / 5-6 ounces / 85 days / Open Pollinated / Determinate. Best “small space” paste tomato. Produces enormous yields of large red tomatoes. Very meaty and perfect for canning and sauces. Small space / Container friendly. *Photo courtesy of Sustainable Seed Company

Italian Roma Bush_Sustainable_2021-150

La Roma III Paste / Red / 5-8 ounces / 76 days / Hybrid / Determinate. Every grower has called this the best paste tomato on the market. So we had to try it ourselves. High yields of 5-8 ounce plum tomatoes on healthy, disease resistant and vigorous vines. If you like pasta, as we do, you’ll want to try this variety. Small space / Container friendly.

Tomato_Paste_La Roma III_pixabay.com-150

Mama Leone Paste / Red / 5-6 ounces / 75 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. First listed in Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook in 2005 as “seeds given by one of their local customers who had emigrated to the US from Italy,” these 5-6 ounce, meaty, bright red tomatoes have very few seeds—perfect for your favorite sauce. Its name may honor the famous Italian restaurant in NYC’s theater district, now long-closed. Some of its acclaimed pasta recipes can still be found on the web. Wouldn’t it be fun to make one with its namesake tomato!

Mama Leone_all-free-download.com_2021-150

Margherita Paste / Red / 5-7 ounces / 72 days / Hybrid / Determinate. A paste tomato named after that famous pizza we all love. 5-7 ounce bright red tomatoes are also great for roasting. Their thin skins make them good in salads and on sandwiches. Small space / Container friendly.


Paisano Paste / Red / 4-5 ounces / 68 days / Hybrid / Determinate. NEW FOR 2023! A high-yielding bush San Marzano. Thick walled fruits in the true San Marzano shape. Good flavor and high solids for sauce or canning. Will produce concentrated set of paste tomatoes midseason. This is a "medium determinate", so the plant will hang on longer into the season than some other determinates. Small space / Container friendly. Available in Walnut Creek only. *Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds johnnyseeds.com

Tomato_Paste_Paisano_Johnny's Selected Seeds, johnnyseeds.com_sm96

San Marzano Paste / Red / 4 ounces / 80 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate. Famous Italian cooking tomato filled with thick, dry flesh and few seeds. Superb flavor in slightly rectangular fruits hanging in clusters. Solid flesh is perfect for canning/freezing for rich pasta sauce all winter. (“Excellent yields that continue way into the fall.”) *Photo courtesy of Whiteonricecouple.com

San Marzano_whiteonricecouple.com_2021-150

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