Military Kids Support Earth Day


The Issue

Environmental degradation is a great concern to our modern society. Teaching youth about the importance of the environment and collaborating with local community agencies are necessary means for inspiring ecological change.

What has 4-H Done?

On April 22, 2009, military youth from the Beale Air Force Base planted a tree at their youth center in support of Earth Day. This day offered a great opportunity for the 4-H military youth; not only did they learn about the environmental troubles in their community, but they were able to combat this degradation. As a group, they learned about the paperwork and procedures required to plant a tree on base grounds. They also worked with a volunteer that taught them how to properly dig a hole and use gardening equipment. These military youth were excited to give back to their community and commented, “We’re happy that other people will benefit from this tree’s shade in ten years!”

The Payoff

4-H military youth worked together as a team to accomplish a service learning project. They became aware of environmental issues and understood their power to create positive change.  They became a part of the world-wide Earth Day initiative.

Authors: Chanda Gonzales, California 4-H Military Partnership Director & Jeanne Christenson, California 4-H Military Program Representative